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Woori Financial Capital CEO tapped to head Woori Bank

Woori Financial Group has named Cho Byung-kyu, current CEO of Woori Financial Capital, as the prospective leader of Woori Bank. Cho's nomination came after a meticulous screening process which included a strategic business presentation and interview. Pending approval from shareholders and the board of directors during the July 3 meeting, Cho will serve a two-year term. The group's executive recommendation committee commended Cho's expertise in sales and his proficiency in corporate banking. As CEO, Cho will focus on reviving Woori Bank's reputation, promoting a new corporate culture and expanding its non-banking portfolio. Cho, who began his career at the bank in 1992, was recognized by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups for his efforts in mitigating the liquidity crisis among small businesses due to the pandemic.


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