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Taiwanese stocks offering attractive yields

The average dividend yield of Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE)-listed stocks rose to 3.84%, higher than the three-year high of 2.73% yield of the 10-year US Treasury bonds. Financial Supervisory Commission Chairman Thomas Huang said that TAIEX’s overall performance has been relatively stable, despite the big swings and shrinking market turnover. Huang said that daily turnover has mostly been above NTD300bn, but it has been relatively volatile recently due to the Russia-Ukraine war, a surge in domestic COVID-19 cases, and rising inflation and interest rates in the US. Although the TAIEX has fallen below the 240-day moving average, Huang said its performance has been stable compared with major bourses this year. Huang said that in 2021, aggregate pretax profits of companies trading on the TWSE and over-the-counter markets hit a record NTD5.2tr.


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