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South Korea’s business titans to gather at CES 2024 in Las Vegas

South Korea’s business leaders from SK Group, Hyundai Motor Group, HD Hyundai, Samsung Electronics, LG Group, LS Group, Doosan Group, and Lotte Group are set to attend CES 2024 in Las Vegas. SK Group’s Chey Tae-won and senior executives will present AI and eco-friendly technologies. Hyundai Motor Group’s Chung Euisun will showcase a hydrogen-powered ecosystem and new auto strategies. HD Hyundai’s Vice Chairman will discuss sustainable land transformation, extending its maritime focus. Samsung and LG’s senior executives will represent their companies, focusing on AI and smart life solutions. LS Group’s chairman, Doosan Group’s chairman, and Lotte Group’s future growth leader will also participate, highlighting their respective technological advancements and business strategies at this key global technology event.


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