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Singapore's scam cases hit record high in 2023

Scam cases in Singapore surged to a record 46,563 in 2023, despite widespread media alerts and official warnings, marking a 46.8% increase from 2022. Scam-related losses slightly decreased to SGD651.8m, although the top 10 scams saw an increase in losses to SGD573.9m. Job scams led the way with 9,914 cases, followed by a spike in e-commerce scams. The police highlighted the rise of malware and fake friend call scams among the top concerns. Despite a global crackdown resulting in the arrest of 110 individuals and the dismantling of 19 scam syndicates, most scams are transnational, complicating investigation and prosecution efforts. Singapore's Anti-Scam Command, in collaboration with Interpol, has recovered over SGD11.5m through a comprehensive anti-scam campaign launched in January 2023.


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