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Philippine SEC drafts rules for blue finance

The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has created a set of guidelines that serve as a reference for identifying blue projects and activities that can be financed by blue bonds. The SEC has provided a list of projects that are qualified for “blue” finance, including water supply, water sanitation, ocean-friendly and water-friendly products, ocean-friendly chemicals and plastic-related sectors, sustainable shipping and port logistics sectors, and fisheries, aquaculture, and seafood value chains. The raised funds are intended to support the preservation and sustainability of ocean-based resources. Eligible blue project categories include ecosystem management and natural resource restoration of coastal, marine, and river ecosystems, sustainable fisheries management, sustainable tourism in marine conservation areas, wastewater management, and marine and offshore renewable energy. Under the proposed guidelines, eligible issuers must demonstrate the clear benefits that their projects or activities can provide to ocean health.


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