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Philippine CEOs remain optimistic despite economic uncertainties

The majority of Philippine CEOs remain confident about their revenue growth in the next 12 months, despite facing threats from elevated inflation and economic uncertainty, according to a recent survey by PwC Philippines in collaboration with the Management Association of the Philippines (MAP). The study revealed that 79% of 157 CEOs expect revenue growth in the upcoming year, although this is slightly down from the previous year’s 87% optimism rate. Concerning the broader industry landscape, 83% expressed confidence in their industry’s prospects. Trissy M. Rogacion, of PwC, noted the unexpected inflation peak in the previous year and its impact. Meanwhile, 83% of CEOs stated they have recovered from the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact, attributing the resilience to the full reopening of the economy and lifted travel restrictions. However, challenges such as inflation, macroeconomic instability, and cyber risks persist.


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