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More travellers recorded in SE Asia in April

Popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia have recorded more travellers in the month of April as the region tentatively re-opens for travel. Ticket bookings are reportedly rising in Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia, which allow quarantine-free entry for vaccinated travelers again. Gary Bowerman, director of travel and tourism research firm Check-in Asia, said April has been a very important month for Southeast Asia. Air-passenger traffic to Singapore reached 400,000, or 31% of pre-COVID levels, in the week ending April 17. In Thailand, the number of visitors reached 358,364 from April 1-27. Travelers from Singapore accounted for the most, followed by the UK, India, Germany, and Australia. The government said on April 27 it expects tourism arrivals to reach 6.1 million this year, compared with only 427,869 in 2021. The figure was 40 million in 2019.


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