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Malaysia leads in ESG reporting, outpaces Singapore and HK

In recent evaluations, Malaysia has been ranked favourably in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, outpacing even its regional counterparts like Singapore and Hong Kong, according to Grant Thornton Malaysia. Kishan Jasani, the firm’s CEO, highlighted that Malaysian companies excel in several ESG reporting areas based on global surveys. Previously, companies engaged in ESG reporting out of obligation, but the trend has shifted towards viewing it beyond mere compliance. Jasani emphasised that as global standards evolve, Malaysia must adapt to remain part of the international supply chain. Margie Ong, CEO of Thoughts In Gear Sdn Bhd, remarked that many SMEs are embracing sustainability, primarily driven by demands from large public-listed companies and multinationals, which are setting stricter ESG benchmarks for their suppliers.


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