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Indonesia rolls out 5 and 10-year visas for major investors

Indonesia has introduced a “golden visa” scheme, aimed at attracting foreign investors. Investors can obtain a five-year visa by investing USD350,000 in shares, deposits, or government bonds. An investment of USD700,000 qualifies for a 10-year visa. Establishing a company with USD2.5m invested will also grant a five-year visa, and USD5m ensures a 10-year stay. Furthermore, company directors and commissioners can secure five-year visas with a USD25m investment, and 10-year visas with USD50m. Indonesia’s Director General of Immigration, Silmy Karim, said the scheme targets quality investors, hence the rigorous requirements. Golden visa beneficiaries will enjoy perks like waiving the need for a temporary stay permit application at immigration offices. This follows Indonesia’s earlier introduction of a visa for affluent tourists last year.


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