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Indonesia inches closer to OECD membership, a first for SE Asia

The OECD has initiated Indonesia's membership process, marking Indonesia's potential to become the first Southeast Asian country to join, alongside Asian members Japan and South Korea. Announced by Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto, this development underscores Indonesia's long-term partnership with the OECD since 2007, aimed at aligning national policies with global standards. The forthcoming roadmap will address priorities such as trade, governance, anti-corruption, and environmental sustainability, guiding Indonesia towards OECD standards compliance. Hartarto expressed optimism for Indonesia's future, highlighting the benefits of OECD membership in overcoming the middle-income trap, attracting investments, and promoting digital and green economic policies. Australia, Japan, Germany, and Slovakia have expressed support for Indonesia's accession, showcasing international endorsement.


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