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HSBC names Luanne Lim as HK CEO

HSBC has appointed Luanne Lim as chief executive officer for Hong Kong, its biggest market. Lim was chief operating officer since 2017 and then became the interim chief executive for Hong Kong from September 2021. Lim said she is excited to work with the very talented team as the Asia-focused bank looks to expand its investment across the region. HSBC said Lim, during her time as COO for Hong Kong, delivered key innovation and efficiency programmes that demonstrate her strong understanding of the needs of the bank's customers and employees in Hong Kong. HSBC has committed to investing more than USD6bn in Asia over the next five years, with a particular focus on expanding the wealth management business. David Liao, co-chief executive of HSBC Asia Pacific, said Lim was the standout candidate for this role.


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