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Hong Kong think tank FSRG launches two new briefing papers

The Financial Services Research Group (FSRG), an independent think tank based in Hong Kong, on 16th February 2023 launched two new sets of briefing papers. “FSRG Briefs - Green Finance” summarises the latest updates and Hong Kong market developments related to green bonds, green and sustainable loans, and green mortgages. “FSRG Briefs - Virtual Assets”, on the other hand, outlines Hong Kong’s legal and regulatory regime, fund management, and trends and opportunities in the space, as well as an introduction to central bank digital currencies. FSRG was set up in 2021 by a group of financial services and business professionals to support the development of Hong Kong’s financial markets, drawing on the knowledge and experience of local experts, together with international best practices and global trends, in the rapidly evolving areas of green finance, sustainable investment, and global asset management. Headed by Chairman Alexandra Tracy, FSRG brings key investor and business contributions to the policy discussion around Hong Kong’s successful future as Asia’s premier financial hub.


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