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Hong Kong residents want MPF to invest in higher-risk, higher return funds

A survey conducted by the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (HKIFA) showed that city residents want the Mandatory Provident Fund to invest in higher-risk, higher-return funds to help them achieve their retirement target. The survey, which involved more than 1,000 respondents, finds that Hongkongers want to retire at 61 with HKD7.6m (USD975K) to have a comfortable retirement life. The respondents said the MPF is still insufficient to achieve their retirement goals so they want the option of investing in sustainable-development funds and high-yield infrastructure funds. The MPF on average has HKD232,880 for each of its 4.7 million members, based on assets of HKD1.09tr at the end of September, according to data provided by research firm MPF Ratings.


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