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Hong Kong extends banking talent programme for 6 months

The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) has extended its Banking Talent Programme, an initiative that provides fresh graduates with short-term work opportunities and professional training, until the end of August this year. Since the introduction of the programme in 2020, more than 600 fresh graduates have been provided with job opportunities and professional training, alleviating the impact of the pandemic on career opportunities of young people. HKMA chief executive Eddie Yue said the extension enables the young talent to accumulate more valuable work experience and, at the same time, to better equip university students who have aspirations to develop a banking career. The HKMA noted that while Hong Kong's labour market has improved significantly, the recent spread of COVID-19 variants around the world is posing some uncertainties to economic recovery. The programme is jointly organised by the HKMA and the banking industry.

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