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HK's future retirement system featured at 2023 Asia Futurists Leadership Festival

The future retirement system for Hong Kong is among the topics in the panel discussions at the 2023 Asia Futurists Leadership Festival that taking place in the city from 11 to 17 January. One panel, "Rethinking the Future Retirement System for Hong Kong', will have Mandy Chan, leader of Retirement Services in Asia, Andrew Law, CEO of BOCI-Prudential Trustee Limited; and John Innes, CFO, Futureproof Financial Ltd, as panelists. The session will be moderated by Jonathan Watkin, committee member, HK Retirement Schemes Association and Chairman of Asia First. It includes discussion on a new product to enhance post retirement income; an innovative, exciting and fintech related equity preservation mortgage from Futureproof. James Huey, Chairman from Futureproof is also attending from Australia. The festival is a gathering of family offices, futurist leaders, responsible corporations, industry professionals, private banks, institutions, funds and venture startups within the region to share, learn, and take a step further in promoting responsible and impactful investments globally.

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