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Hangzhou dangles cash reward for travel agencies bringing in tourists

Hangzhou, a city in China’s Zhejiang province, has announced a cash reward scheme for travel agencies that bring in foreign tourists for overnight stays in a bid to boost local tourism revenue. According to a paper released by the authorities, the city will subsidise travel agencies up to RMB40 (USD5.80) per person, per day, if their foreign clients stay in the city for a few days. Agencies recruiting overnight visitors from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan will receive half the subsidy amount, up to RMB20 per person, depending on the number of nights stayed. Companies that charter a flight to bring in groups of more than 150 international tourists will also receive a cash payout of RMB80,000 per flight. Hangzhou hosted 80 million tourists in 2022, or about 80% of the 2019 total, and travel revenue reached nearly RMB130bn, 76% of what was seen in 2019.

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