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Global dividend payout to rise by 6% in 2022

London-based market data company IHS Markit is forecasting that global dividend payout is expected to rise further by 6% this year to USD2.09tr, from USD1.97tr in 2021. This is despite the slowing dividend growth in some regions and sectors. Clara Besson, EMEA dividend research lead at IHS Markit, said the pandemic created starkly uneven paths across countries and sectors. Compared to their pre-pandemic level, Besson said dividends increased strongly in Asia-Pacific, grew moderately in the Americas and saw a minimal rebound in Europe. Compared to the other regions, the Asia-Pacific banking sector was less impacted in 2020. Banking dividend payments grew by 15% in 2021 and are expected to record a further 7% in 2022 to an aggregate USD131bn in dividends.


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