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Fintech's contribution to Singapore's GDP to hit 3.56% by 2027

Fintech's contribution to Singapore's GDP will surge to 3.56% by 2027, analysts from UnaFinancial projected. According to a statement released on Thursday, in 2022, fintech investments accounted for 0.32% of Southeast Asia (SEA)'s GDP. This number is expected to quintuple to 1.65% by 2027. Among SEA nations, Singapore is poised to top the list with the highest fintech investment share. The country recorded a 1.11% fintech contribution to its GDP in 2022. Experts from UnaFinancial highlighted that Singapore is a frontrunner in fintech development in the region, primarily due to its robust economic indicators. Meanwhile, the global fintech investment share in GDP is anticipated to reach 1.07% by 2027, up from 0.25% in 2022.


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