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E-commerce complaints in Singapore surge by 54% in H1

The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) reported a 54% increase in e-commerce complaints in the first half of 2023, totaling 1,703, compared to 1,107 from the same period last year. In contrast, overall complaints to Case dropped by 8.1%. Case President Melvin Yong highlighted the rising e-commerce grievances, attributing them to the surge in online shopping. Of the e-commerce complaints, 7% concerned delivery issues, and 12% involved defective products or contractual breaches. To address this, Case will introduce a new CaseTrust accreditation for e-commerce businesses in the upcoming months. Separately, prepayment losses rose by 4.3% primarily due to sudden business closures, prompting Case to advocate for targeted prepayment protection. Complaints in the airline sector also increased, while those in the renovation-contractors sector decreased.


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