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Deloitte, KPMG raise pay in Singapore to draw new accounting talent

Deloitte and KPMG are raising salaries in Singapore to attract talent to the accounting sector. Deloitte will increase starting pay by up to 20% for new graduates, with first-year audit associates earning SGD4,500 (USD3,348) a month from September 1. Other first-year auditors will receive SGD4,100. KPMG will invest SGD30m to raise salaries for eligible employees in audit, tax, and enterprise risk services from October, following a 20% pay hike in 2022. These moves follow a report by the Finance Ministry’s Accountancy Workforce Review Committee, recommending higher salaries, skill development, and more pathways for non-accounting graduates. KPMG will invest over SGD100m in salary adjustments, technology, and talent development, while Deloitte will invest SGD62m in audit talent over the next five years.


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