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Brunei ranks second in ASEAN digital connectivity ranking

Brunei Darussalam ranks second among ASEAN member states in digital connectivity and access, as per the 2023 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Development Index (IDI) by the International Telecommunication Union. Scoring 94.8, Brunei outperforms global averages with over 90% of its individuals and households having internet access and more than 96% accessing 4G or LTE mobile-network services. This compares favourably to the global figures of 70% for internet access and 82.9% for 4G/LTE coverage. The Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei attributes this success to recent developments in telecommunication infrastructure and a variety of telecommunication products and services. This achievement reflects Brunei’s commitment to advancing its ICT sector, supporting the growth of its digital economy, and progressing towards becoming a smart nation.


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