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Asia Futurists Leadership Festival focuses on sustainable investments

The Asia Futurists Leadership Festival, slated for January 24-30, 2024 in Hong Kong, is set to gather leaders in sustainability and impact investment through a series of 12 hybrid events. This pioneering festival aims to connect family offices, futurist leaders, responsible corporations, and industry professionals to champion responsible and impactful global investments. Key events include Family Office Exchanges, Leadership Forums, Intellectual Dialogues, and a Responsible Organization Network Gala. Special highlights are the Green Tech Open, Impact Measurement & Management Workshop, and the Co-Investors Networking Drink Reception. The festival will conclude with sessions on Manager Best Practices and an Active Ownership Master Class, culminating in the Family Offices Empowerment Walk-In. This initiative represents a significant step in promoting sustainable investment practices across Asia, offering a platform for global engagement and collaboration.


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