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29% of Filipinos eye new jobs amid rising living costs

Amidst the ongoing ‘Great Resignation’, 29% of Filipino workers are contemplating new job opportunities, largely driven by escalating living costs and demands for higher pay. This statistic, revealed in the PwC Hopes and Fears Global Workforce Survey, is slightly above the global average of 26% but marginally below the regional 30% mark. PwC Philippines’ Veronica Bartolome emphasised that the combination of a constricted labour market, talent shortages, and inflating costs necessitates employers to attentively address worker concerns and needs. Bartolome suggests companies look beyond just financial incentives to satisfy rising employee expectations. Despite the global trend of employees desiring job switches, the current global crisis acts as a hindrance, according to PwC’s Martijn Schouten. Meanwhile, a paradigm shift towards valuing company culture and personal values over monetary gains is becoming increasingly evident.


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