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Taiwan’s major tax evasion cases decline in numbers, value

Major tax evasion incidents in Taiwan decreased to 915 last year, with unpaid taxes falling to NTD89.51bn (USD2.75bn), according to the Ministry of Finance. The reduction is partly because some tax evaders cooperated and others saw their tax recovery periods expire. The ministry, which has been publishing an annual list of top tax evaders since July 1, 2010, aims to pressure them into settling their dues. The list is similar to previous years, with the late tycoon Huang Jen-chung owing the most at NTD1.94bn in estate tax. His sister and son also featured prominently, with significant unpaid taxes. Meanwhile, the real estate businessman Huang Cheng-chih, now in China, and the new entrant Hsu-Cheng Wen-wen were also highlighted for their substantial tax debts.


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