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Taiwan billionaires’ wealth jumps 12.23% led by AI industry

In Taiwan, the top 50 billionaires saw their combined wealth increase by 12.23% to USD174bn, fueled by a surge in AI applications. Barry Lam, chairman of Quanta Computer Inc, now leads this elite group with a net worth of USD11.7bn, as his company’s shares hit record highs. This growth coincides with Taiwan’s economy expanding by 6.5% in Q1, its fastest in nearly three years, driven by robust global demand for AI tech. Additionally, the TAIEX index has risen by a third over the past 14 months. Notables among the billionaires include the Tsai brothers of Fubon Group, Terry Gou of Hon Hai, and Zhang Congyuan, a self-made footwear tycoon. Forbes also highlights significant gains in net profits and new entries into the billionaire rankings due to the AI boom.


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