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Taiwan dangles incentives for international tourists

Taiwan's Ministry of Transportation and Communications has announced an incentive programme for international visitors, offering a cash draw to 500,000 individual tourists and up to TWD50,000 (USD1,635) to each tour group staying for at least three days. The program aims to attract six million international tourists this year after over one million arrived during Q1 2023. Eligible individual tourists will be able to enter the draw for TWD5,000 cash at Taiwan's major airports starting from May 1st. However, cruise ship arrivals and "three small links" from Kinmen and Lienchiang counties to China are not eligible for the draw. In a separate move to tackle labour shortages in the hospitality industry, hotels and bed-and-breakfasts can receive up to TWD5,000 per new hire each month for one year, provided new employees receive minimum salaries.


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