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Study finds HKers have HKD20,000 disposable income

A study commissioned by Huatai International's Zhangle Global platform showed that the average Hong Konger has a monthly disposable income of HKD20,000 after deducting all necessary expenses. Most respondents were aged between 30 and 45, an age group that has a relatively stable income. Of the nine age groups surveyed, those aged between 20 to 25 had the lowest monthly disposable income at an average of HKD11,000, while those aged between 60 to 65 saved the most at an average of HKD32,000. Respondents aged between 25 to 60 all surpassed HKD20,000 in disposable monthly income. Among them, those aged between 30 to 35 had the highest monthly disposable income at HKD27,000, while those aged between 55 to 60 had the least at HKD20,000.


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