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Singapore tourist arrivals hit one million in March, highest since 2020

The Singapore Tourism Board revealed that international visitor arrivals surpassed one million in March, the first time since the pandemic began in 2020. The latest figures showed that tourism arrivals reached 1,021,036 in March, up from 957,839 visitors recorded in the previous month. Although this sets a new post-pandemic record, it remains below the 1.7 million visitors recorded in January 2020. Indonesia continued to be the top source of tourists for the 12th consecutive month, with 171,507 visitors in March, followed by Malaysia with 97,835 tourist arrivals. India ranked third, overtaking Australia with 75,338 visitors. Meanwhile, China rose five places to rank fifth in March with 60,888 visitors, which is a marked increase from 35,312 visitors in the previous month.


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