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Scam cases in Singapore up 32.6% in 2022

Scam victims in Singapore lost almost SGD1.3bn (USD980m) in the past two years. Police records show that scam victims lost a total of SGD660.7m in 2022, up from SGD632m in 2021. There were 31,728 scam cases reported in 2022, up from 23,933 cases in 2021, an increase of 32.6%. Phishing scams were the most common ruse in 2022 with 7,097 cases, a 41.3% spike from the 5,023 cases in 2021. However, the total amount lost by phishing scam victims decreased by 52.6%, from SGD34.8m in 2021 to SGD16.5m in 2022. The other scam types with the most number of reports in 2022 included job scams, e-commerce scams, investment scams, and fake friend call scams. Police public communications division assistant director Brenda Ong said that scams have risen in numbers and have overtaken many other physical crime types to form a significant proportion of overall crime.

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