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President Widodo optimistic about Indonesia’s economic prospects

Indonesia’s economic fundamentals demonstrate resilience and potential, fostering optimism for its 2023 targets and 2024 projections. The Coordinating Economic Ministry organised a seminar in Jakarta on December 22, 2023, themed "Optimism Strengthening National Economy Amid Global Dynamics." The event featured leaders from various sectors discussing strategies to mitigate global economic risks while bolstering domestic strength. President Joko Widodo, addressing the seminar, highlighted Indonesia’s successful crisis management and recovery. Widodo noted Indonesia’s international acclaim for its swift economic rebound and sustained growth post-pandemic. Facing global economic challenges, Widodo remains optimistic about turning these into opportunities for Indonesia’s continued growth and resilience. Short-term strategies include mitigating global economic slowdown impacts, preserving public purchasing power, attracting investments, and ensuring macroeconomic stability. Long-term resilience hinges on inclusive and sustainable growth.


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