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New digital platform FINI aims to boost Hong Kong’s IPO scene

The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing (HKEX) has launched the “Fast Interface for New Issuance” (FINI), a digital platform to revitalise its IPO market by expediting the settlement process. FINI reduces the settlement cycle from five to two days, aligning Hong Kong’s IPO process with global standards and enhancing market competitiveness. This innovation comes at a time when IPO listings in Hong Kong are at their lowest in two decades, impacted by global economic challenges and higher interest rates. Industry experts, including UBS’s John Lee Chen-kwok and Deutsche Bank’s Melody Ngan, believe FINI will attract investor interest back to Hong Kong’s IPO market. Additionally, reduced stamp duties and the platform’s efficiency in managing oversubscribed IPOs are seen as positive steps towards market recovery.

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