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Manulife Hong Kong sees double-digit growth this year

Manulife Hong Kong sees no need to reprice its products as it expects double-digit growth for its insurance business in 2022. The insurer's core earnings rose 17% to a record high of HKD7.4bn (USD949m) while the number of agents also grew 9% to reach a record level of more than 11,600 by the end of December last year. Manulife HK chief executive Damien Green said it is too early to say whether the latest wave of the Covid pandemic will have an impact on sales, but a clearer picture may emerge by the end of the first quarter. Green expressed that the company will continue to target double-digit growth for 2022 results. He added that with virtual sales arrangements, agents will be able to reach customers safely and smoothly, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


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