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Japan Investment Corp said to acquire chipmaker JSR Corp for USD7bn

Japan Investment Corp (JIC), a state-backed fund, is reportedly in discussions to acquire JSR Corp, Japan's leading chipmaker, for an estimated JPY1tr (USD7bn), according to the Nikkei business daily. The move, expected to be finalized after approval from antitrust authorities, could significantly influence Japan's semiconductor strategy. Microchips are viewed as crucial for strengthening economic security, and the government seeks to fortify the supply chain. If successful, JSR, which supplies photoresists to global chipmakers, may delist from the Tokyo Stock Exchange by 2024. The deal would also provide JSR, controlling 30% of the global photoresist market, more room for growth without stock market performance concerns. JIC, JSR, and Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry declined to comment on the report.


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