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Hong Kong’s MPF sees 3.5% gain in 2023, first since 2020

Hong Kong’s Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) recorded a 3.5% investment gain in 2023, marking a significant rebound from previous years’ losses. This improvement, translating to an average increase of HKD8,000 (USD1,025) per member, contrasts with the 15.7% loss in 2022 and a 0.3% drop in 2021. The positive performance is largely attributed to the robust returns from US and Japanese equities within the fund. US equity funds led with a 24.2% return, followed by Japanese stocks at 21.5%. However, China and Hong Kong equity funds, representing about 25% of MPF assets, declined by 13.4%. The MPF’s default investment strategy, adjusting asset allocation based on age, outperformed the general trend.


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