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HK’s Mandatory Provident Fund's expense ratio drops by 36%

The average expense ratio of a mandatory provident fund, which indicates the fund's expenses as a percentage of its size, has seen a 36% decline, dropping to 1.35% last month from 2.1% in 2007, according to Ayesha MacPherson Lau, chair of the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority. Lau also mentioned that approximately 30% of the 404 scheme funds have an expense ratio below 1%. The MPFA's developing electronic platform, eMPF, is projected to reduce administrative fees by an average of 30% in its initial two years. Over a decade, this could lead to savings of at least HKD30bn. Furthermore, the MPFA has urged trustees to consider potential reductions in investment and sponsor fees for their funds, expecting them to present a five-year strategic proposal to the authority.


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