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Half of Malaysian workers lament lack of incentives

According to the 2023 Talent Insights Report by Australian-based payroll and human resources software provider, Employment Hero, half of Malaysian workers surveyed scored their work rate as average or low due to a lack of incentives from their employers. The report surveyed thousands of workers from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Singapore, and Malaysia, with up to 92% of Malaysian respondents stating they are "career cushioning", which refers to looking for a new job while still being employed. The report suggests that this is likely due to the lack of job security, low pay, and feeling undervalued. Additionally, 45% of respondents feel they are getting inadequate pay, with 44% describing their work rate as average or low due to low levels of recognition and personal stress levels. The report recommends that companies invest more in internal ambitions to ensure their employees feel valued and appreciated.


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