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Grab shuts down investment products, winds down GrabInvest

Grab is discontinuing its investment products, AutoInvest and Earn+, and is winding down its GrabInvest business, effective from September 25, following an extensive review that concluded the business was not commercially viable. GrabInvest was exclusively serving the Singapore market, and customers have until October 13 to withdraw their funds. Grab remains dedicated to its other financial services, however, aiming to streamline its financial services to focus on more synergistic products such as GrabPay, Insurance, and Lending. This decision follows the company’s Q2 results, which indicated reduced losses and a possible earlier break-even. Grab had entered the investment sector by acquiring robo-advisory firm Bento in February 2020, which was rebranded as Grab Financial Group and later, GrabFin in May 2022.


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