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Global asset managers see 13.7% drop in AUM in 2022

The world's 500 largest asset managers saw their assets under management (AUM) decrease by 13.7% to USD113.7tr in 2022, marking the first significant dip since the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, according to the Thinking Ahead Institute. Regional disparities were evident: Japanese managers reported a 5.5% decrease, North American managers a 14.2% fall, and European managers, including the UK, experienced a 16.8% drop. However, Asia Pacific managers showed resilience, reporting a mere 4.9% decrease. Notably, passive investment funds grew to 34.7% of total AUM in 2022, up 4% from 2021, with 65.3% still actively managed. BlackRock retained its position as the largest asset manager, even after its AUM dropped from over USD10tr to just above USD8tr last year.


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