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Citi relocates HK equities staff to Singapore, other markets

At least six Citigroup senior equities staff are moving from Hong Kong to Singapore and other markets. Lee McQueen, head of pan Asia equity blocks, is among managing directors relocating to Singapore, while another four or five directors, including Kevin Zolkiewicz, head of futures execution for Asia-Pacific; Rob McVie, who focuses on prime finance; as well as Abhishek Choudhary, head of equity execution advisory in the region; are in talks to transfer to Singapore. James Griffiths, a Hong Kong-based spokesperson for Citigroup, said the bank was being as flexible as possible to support staff who wanted to relocate due to family reasons or for client coverage. Daniel Millwood, Asia-Pacific head of prime services sales trading, is moving to London, while Allan Newsome is relocating to Australia as an electronic sales trader.


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