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BillEase partners with Alipay in the Philippines

BillEase, one of the top-rated consumer finance apps in the Philippines, welcomed 2023 with a landmark partnership with Alipay+, a global cross-border digital payment and marketing solution firm. Consumers can use the app to buy now, pay later (BNPL) and for a card-free instalment option to shop from more global brands online. Alipay+, which is operated by Ant Group and launched in 2020, provides global cross-border mobile payment solutions which enable merchants, including small and medium-sized businesses, to better serve mobile-savvy consumers. Alipay+ has so far reached over 2.5 million global online and offline merchants while BillEase, which is the first Philippine-based BNPL provider to partner with Alipay+, now has over 2,000 merchant partners.


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