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APAC to embrace generative AI, impacting workplace dynamics

The International Data Corp. (IDC) forecasts a significant shift in Asia-Pacific workplaces starting 2024, as the region’s top 2000 organisations expedite the adoption of generative artificial intelligence (AI). This AI adoption aims to enhance decision-making and is expected to address 15% of talent shortages by 2025, potentially leading to a talent surplus by 2027. IDC’s multi-phase adoption plan, spanning 2024-2028, begins with altering internal perspectives towards human-machine collaboration, then integrating data and applications, and ultimately evolving into autonomous organisations. The IDC warns of financial risks for those not modernising systems, highlighting the Philippines’ slow AI adoption. In contrast, China leads in automation, followed by Japan and other Asian countries. While generative AI promises business innovation, concerns remain over job displacement and misuse.


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