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Advisory Boards in the Financial Sector

Part 10: Advisory Boards using AI as a Tool (outcomes from recent webinar)

On 28 June, to wrap up our series about advisory boards in the financial services sector, we hosted a webinar which covered the practical aspects of setting up Advisory Boards, as well whether AI is a tool or a threat to ABs. There were a number of interesting takeaways from the event .

Jonathan Watkin hosted this Asia First event, in order to extend the understanding of Advisory Boards in the financial sector, so that their benefits can be taken advantage of more broadly.

Greg Solomon from Eigengrey Consulting & Advisory then discussed advisory boards in more detail, covering why they exist, what benefits they provide, and how to set one up. Greg emphasised the need to have a well-run advisory board with clear measurable objectives, and an independent Chair, to truly benefit from what Advisory Boards offer.

Our guest was Joon Nak Choi, an expert in AI from the HK University of Science & Technology and He explained how ChatGPT and Large Language Models work, identifying where they would usefully contribute to the value of an advisory board, but making it clear that they are far from ready to be offering ‘advice’ that companies can use without a skilled human filter.

A discussion followed, including questions from the audience, to cover the AI vs Advisor topic in more detail, including advisory specifics such as the use of charters.

To get a copy of the slides from the event or access to the previous 9 articles about Advisory Boards, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are happy to share.

Written by Jonathan Watkin & Greg Solomon


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