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ADB meeting focuses on rebounding Asia

The 56th Annual Meeting of the Board of Governors of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) commenced in Incheon, South Korea, attended by 5,000 policymakers and finance experts from 68 Asia-Pacific nations. This year's theme is “Rebounding Asia: Recover, Reconnect, and Reform." South Korea, a founding ADB member, aims to strengthen ties with the bank in combating climate change by setting up a technology hub to share climate-related technologies with developing countries. The meeting will address post-pandemic economic challenges, global supply chain disruptions, policy redesign, and ways to support Asia's rebound amid a slowing economy. Additionally, Finance Minister Choo Kyung-ho will meet his Japanese counterpart, Shunichi Suzuki, for the first time in seven years, focusing on revitalizing economic partnership and potentially resuming a currency swap deal that expired in 2015.


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